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Taisun Corporate's spirit

Embrace Life Together

Besides insisting on continuously developing high-quality healthcare products with advanced technology to make life more easier and more comfortable for consumers, we also value the co-existence and co-prosperity with local communities, the environment, and local residents, and we have practiced this spirit for nearly 20 years in our major locations of operation.

As this spirit coincides with our CSR, we have concluded the foci of our CSR practice and corporate spirit in the following six categories:

  • Ethical governance
  • Product responsibility
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Happy workplace
  • Social Engagement
  • Green environment

CSR activities

Practically, we have defined and progressively achieved indicators addressing aspects covering climate change, governance information disclosure, supplier sustainable management, product quality, customer service, and social participation.

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance

In the pursuit of green environment, we will actively rebuild a green supply chain and promote the localized supply of materials supply in two major production bases, Vietnam and Cambodia, to reduce carbon emissions and shorten the supply chain, in order to conserve energy and reduce carbon in collaboration with suppliers to pursue the sustainable development of the supply chain.

Solar energy

Comprehensively installed solor energy system in Vietnam and Cambodia Factory

Green product

Ultra-thin product: reduce 23% plastic using

Emission reduction

Reduce 13% material loss, equivalent to 314 tons waste

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