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What We do

Taisun Vietnam has been providing consumers with health and family care products for almost two decades, including Disposable Baby Diapers, Adult Incontinent Diapers, Feminine Sanitary Napkins, and Wet Wipes.

We always strive to become a recognized supporter by providing high-quality healthcare products with advanced technology that are appropriate for the needs of family members, thereby making life easier and more comfortable. Taisun Vietnam hopes to remain by each individual's side, embracing this life together, making it more important and meaningful.

Products & Services

Taisun Vietnam's mission is to follow each member of a family, whether you are a child, woman, parent, or grandparent. We are here for you, not only serving your needs but also your loved ones. Our products will present in every stage of your life, as a friend in every moment of need.

Baby Diapers

The guardians to mommies' greatest treasures

Adult Incontinence Diapers

Connecting love between different generations

Lady Care

Free your mind & body and embrace confidence and freedom

OBM OEM & ODM Services

  • Tailored Customization & Flexibility
  • Cost-Effective Production
  • Advanced Technology & Factory

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