our leadership


our leadership

We always strive to become a recognized supporter by providing high-quality healthcare products with advanced technology that are appropriate for the needs of family members, thereby making life easier and more comfortable. Taisun Vietnam hopes to remain by each individual’s side, embracing this life together, making it more important and meaningful.

We think that at every stage of life, we will confront many choices, but we hope that every customer who joins Taisun Vietnam will make the right decision. Taisun Vietnam is a companion to help customers achieve full blossom in their lives.

Management Policy

Follow relevant regulations on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance, and works together to improve corporate social responsibility management procedures.


Green procurement policy

Taking sustainable development goal of the company, comprehensively consider the energy-saving and environmental protection factors of product design, procurement, production, packaging, logistics, sales, service, recycling and reuse, and work with upstream and downstream enterprises to practice environmental protection, energy saving and reduction. Equalize social responsibilities and create a green supply chain.

Through the implementation of green procurement, we can effectively prevent environmental pollution and waste of resources, improve the corporate social image and reputation as a whole, and enhance employees' sense of social responsibility for environmental protection.

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