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Taisun Vietnam has been providing consumers with health and family care products for almost two decades, including baby diapers, adult diapers, wet wipes, feminine sanitary napkins, and a few other personal care items.

We always strive to become a recognized supporter by providing high-quality healthcare products with advanced technology that are appropriate for the needs of family members, thereby making life easier and more comfortable. Taisun Vietnam hopes to remain by each individual's side, embracing this life together, making it more important and meaningful.

We think that at every stage of life, we will confront many choices, but we hope that every customer who joins Taisun Vietnam will make the right decision. Taisun Vietnam is a companion to help customers achieve full blossom in their lives.
We recognize that every one of us is an INDIVIDUAL; we all grow up as CHILDREN and will ultimately become someone's PARENTS; we are a FAMILY, and Taisun Vietnam is always a part of that journey, presenting somewhere and somehow in your corner.

our logo meaning

Taisun Vietnam is positioned as a corporation specializing in manufacturing and providing personal healthcare products for most family members.


By providing the best care and attention to each user, the word "U" in Taisun's logo will be stylized to represent a focus on "you", the users who are important to us.

Taisun Vietnam prioritizes the comfort of "U" and each member of your family, all of us will embrace this life together comfortably.


Sustainable growing together

We aim to accompany customers through all stages of life, engage with employees and build a life with them, bring the most benefits to stakeholder. In particular, helping the Earth stay green and sustainable


To be a “Trustable-Performance-Value” Company

We strive constantly to become more and more Active and Innovative in order to bring the most Satisfying and Unique products and services. Moreover, with the purpose aiming for the sustainability of society and the environment, Taisun focuses on the use of Natural sources in operation.


Great contribution for sustainable Social-economic development & comfortable human life

The resonance between mission and vision has created the core value of our company. And, we turn that value into the working spirit of every single member of Taisun and advance it to company’s culture.

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