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Our product range is extensive and well-established, providing you with a diverse selection to kickstart your business. These products are meticulously certified to meet stringent international standards, earning the trust of millions of consumers internationally.

  • High-Quality Products: Our offerings come with the highest quality certifications, such as FDA, ERSA audit assessment, GMP compliance, and ISO 9001:2015.
  • Marketing & Sales Kits: We provide ready-to-use marketing and sales kits, allowing you to streamline your product launch.
  • Dedicated Support: Throughout your business journey, our team are committed to providing dedicated support. Whether you need assistance with logistics, marketing strategies, or any other aspect, we’re here for you.



ERSA Audit Assessment

GMP Compliance

ISO 9001:2015

Company Awards

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In APAC 2024

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies In Vietnam 2024

ASIA’s Top Trusted Brand Awards 2023

Taiwan Prime Awards 2021

Our Commitment

1. Market Intelligence

  • We deeply understand markets across Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and Africa.
  • Our modern research and development facilities drive strategic decisions based on data and consumer-centric approaches.

2. Agile Production

  • We produce key materials in-house for enhanced flexibility.
  • Our extensive supplier network ensures reliable sourcing.
  • Efficient production lines optimize our operations.

3. Advanced Technology

  • Access to high performance manufacturing factories in Asia.
  • Integration of advanced technology and best practices.
  • A commitment to sustainability and a greener future.

4. Quality Assurance

  • Stringent adherence to rigorous quality control standards.
  • International quality certifications guarantee excellence.
  • Regular inspections maintain hygiene standards.

5. Product Innovation

  • Continuous innovation using insights from international markets.
  • Implementation of next-generation technology for product quality commitment.
  • Eco-friendly practices ensure a worry-free experience.

6. Speedy Operation

  • Streamlined workflows for flexible and efficient operations.
  • Harmonized coordination ensures strict adherence to timelines.
  • Rapid responses and agile adaptation to market fluctuations.

7. Customer Satisfaction

  • Seamless communication and dedicated support.
  • Our experienced team (with 20+ years of export expertise) ensures success.
  • Comprehensive marketing and sales kits facilitate growth.

8. Growth & Sustainability

  • Our internal recycling system significantly reduces waste.
  • Annual philanthropy and ESG efforts contribute to community development.
  • An inclusive workplace embraces diversity and fosters employee well-being.

Our Achievements

Years of Expertise
Countries Expanded
Modern Offices
Advanced Technology Factories
Pieces Annual Production Capacity
Dedicated Employees

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